Exhibitor Products Directory

Products / Services  Hall No.  Stall No.
Adhesive Tapes C C-106
Air Cooler B B-94
Air Washer A A-2
Airless Centrifugal Thumb Blast Shot Blasting Machine G G -312-313
All types of electric motors & Gear box G G-326
All Types of Packaging Materials A A-3
Android App Development A A-19
Angle channel beams H H-353
Angle Plates G G-323
Attendance Machine C C-120
Auto Feed Presses G G-304
Auto Parts F F-251
Automatic Voltage Controller A A-24
Automotive Gear Oil D D-178
Automotive Lubricating Oil D D-178
Automotive Transmission Fluids Hydraulic Oil D D-178
Bakelite Laminates H H-369
Ball & Socket Fitting and Tongue & Clevis Fitting G G -312-313
Battery charger A A-37
Bed Products G G-323
Billet Heaters B B-82
bolts B B-55
Boring Heads f F-276
Box Wrapping Machine A A-3
Brass Balls C C-101
Broaches G G-322
Busbar System H H-355
Business E-Mail Hosting A A-19
Bypass Panel A A-24
C Frame Power Press G G-304
Calibration Spline Boraches G G-303
CCTV C C-120
Centreless Grinders F F-269
Chiling Plant A A-2
Circlips B B-55
Clamping Kits f F-276
Clamping Products G G-323
Cloud Hosting & Server A A-19
CNC Machine F F-251
CNC Machine Products G G-323
CNC Machines G G-323
CNC VMC Machine G G-323
CNC VTL Machines G G-323
Collet Chucks f F-276
Conical washers B B-55
Conutinous Band Sealer A A-3
Conventional Machines G G-323
Cooling Tower A A-2
Crane Spare Parts H H-355
Current Transducer Devices A A-37
Custom Web Application Development A A-19
Cyanoacrylate Adhesives F F-268
Cylindrical Machine F F-251
DC & AC Energy Meter A A-37
Densified Wood H H-369
Diode A A-37
Discreate devices A A-37
Distribution Transformers A A-24
Double Grinder EOT Cranes H H-355
DTI washers B B-55
Dust Collector Machines G G -312-313
E-Commerce Website A A-19
Edge Finders f F-276
Electric Rectifier Stack A A-37
Electric Wire Rope Hoist H H-355
Electrolytic Capacitor A A-37
Electroplating Rectifier - IGBT BASED A A-37
Electroplating Rectifiers A A-24
Elevator Spare Parts H H-355
Elevators H H-355
Endmills G G-322
Enginnering Plastic H H-369
EOT cranes H H-353
EPDM Rubber H H-369
ER Collets f F-276
Eurotech CNC Tool Cart f F-276
Eye bolts B B-55
Facemill Cutters f F-276
Ferrite Core A A-37
Fiber Glass Sheets H H-369
Financial Planning A A-21
Fire Alarm System C C-138
Fire Extinguishers C C-138
Flange Nuts B B-71
Flange Nuts B B-90
Free Standing Bridge Cranes H H-355
Frequence Converter A A-25
Friction Screw Presses H H-356
Friction Screw Presses G G-304
Fully Automatic Mechanical Arm Fast Food Container Machines H H-351 & 352
Fully Automatic Non Woven Box Bag Making Machines H H-351 & 352
Fully Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine H H-351 & 352
Gantry H H-355
Goliath Cranes H H-355
Greases D D-178
H frame Power Press G G-304
Hall Effect Sensors A A-37
Hand Tools F F-275
Hand Tools H H-373
Hard Rubber H H-369
Heat Exchanger A A-2
Heat Sink A A-37
Heat sink Compound & conformal coating A A-37
Hex Nuts B B-90
Hex nuts B B-55
Hex Weld Nuts B B-71
Hex Weld Nuts B B-90
HF Induction Heaters A A-22
High Carbon Chrome Steel Balls C C-101
High Carbon Steel Balls C C-101
Hillside washers B B-55
Hob & Milling Cutter F F-251
Hot steel rolling mills plant for HR strips H H-353
HSFG washers B B-55
HSS Ground Thread Taps F F-251
Hydrant System C C-138
Hydraulic Machine F F-251
Hydraulic Machine G G-304
Hydraulic Presses H H-356
ICs A A-37
IGBT Module A A-37
Indexable Endmills f F-276
Induction Heater B B-82
Induction Heater for Bolt Forging B B-82
Induction Heater for Nut Forging B B-82
Induction Heaters A A-22
Induction Heating Equipments A A-23
Induction Heating Machine with high frequence & medium frequence F F-278
Induction Heating Machine with high frequence & medium frequence F F-278
Induction Heating Machinery B B-82
Induction Vertical Hardering Scanner B B-82
Industrial Electronic Components A A-37
Industrial Fans A A-37
Instant Adhesive Super Glue F F-268
Instant Bend F F-268
Intercom C C-120
Internal Grinding Machine F F-251
Inverter Stack A A-37
Involute Spline Boraches G G-303
IPM Module A A-37
Joists roundetcs gear box H H-353
Lathe Machine G G-323
LCD Display A A-37
Lead Balls C C-101
Lifting Magnet H H-355
Lifts H H-355
Linch Pins B B-55
Lock Nuts B B-90
Lubrication Equipment & Tools H H-372
Machine Tools & Accessories G G-323
Machined washers B B-55
MachineTools Accessories f F-276
Material handling equipments H H-353
Materials Handling Equipments H H-355
Measurement & Metrology G G-323
Measuring Instruments f F-276
Mechanical Machines F F-251
Mechanical Shearing Machine  G G-304
Medical Insurance A A-21
Metal Gathering Controls A A-22
MF Induction Heaters A A-22
Milling Head G G-323
Monorail System H H-355
Mosfet Transistors A A-37
Natural Rubber H H-369
Neoprene Rubber H H-369
Non Woven Fabric Plant H H-351 & 352
Oil Chillers A A-2
Overhead Crane Kit H H-355
Paper Fiber Laminates H H-369
Phenolic Industrial Laminates H H-369
Pillar Mounted Jib Cranes H H-355
pinning Hanger Shot Blasting Machine G G -312-313
Plain washers B B-55
Planning Machines F F-269
Plano Miller G G-323
Plastic Chairs A A-2
PMS Management A A-21
Pneumatic Presses G G-304
Power Electronics Capacitor A A-37
Power Mosfet A A-37
Power Presses H H-356
Power Presses G G-304
Profiles H H-369
Rail Planner Machine G G-323
Rectifier A A-24
Relay A A-14
Resistance Welding Controls A A-22
Retirement Planning A A-21
Rods H H-369
Roller Bush B B-71
Rotary Table G G-323
Round Bar Straightening Machines F F-269
Round Broaches G G-303
Round Keyway Broaches G G-303
R-Pins B B-55
Rubber Cork Sheet H H-369
Rubber Hand Gloves H H-369
Rubber Insulated Sheets H H-369
Rubber Profile H H-369
Rubber Sheet H H-369
Sanitary Napkin Making Machine H H-351 & 352
Scientific Instrument & Laboratory Chemical B B-70
Security System C C-120
Semiconductor and Diodes A A-37
Semiconductor Devices A A-37
Serration Boraches G G-303
Servo Controlled Stabilizer A A-25
Sharing Machine H H-356
Sheets H H-369
Shot Blasting Machines G G -312-313
Shrink Packaging Machines A A-3
Shunt Resistance A A-37
Silicon Rubber H H-369
Single Grinder EOT Cranes H H-355
Solar Inverter A A-25
Solar Power System A A-25
Solar Water Pumping System A A-25
Solid Carbide Drills G G-322
Special Nuts B B-71
Special Nuts B B-90
Special Profile Boraches G G-303
Special Purpose Transformers A A-24
Spinning Hanger Table Machine G G -312-313
Spiral coiled pins B B-55
Spline Gauges G G-322
Spline Mandrels G G-303
Spline Plug Gauges G G-303
Split pins B B-55
Spring dowel pins B B-55
Spring washers B B-55
Sprinkler System C C-138
Square Weld Nuts B B-71
Square Weld Nuts B B-90
SSL Certificates A A-19
Stabilizer A A-24
Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Balls C C-101
Star washers B B-55
Static Stablizer A A-37
Steel Balls C C-101
Straight Sided Pline Boraches G G-303
Strapping Machine A A-3
Surface Equipments G G-323
Surface Plates G G-323
Synthetic Rubber H H-369
Tapper & Coller Nuts B B-71
Tax Planning A A-21
Term Insurance A A-21
Testing Application G G-323
Thread Rolls Die F F-251
Thyristors A A-37
TMT bar wire rod H H-353
Tractor Parts F F-251
Transformer A A-24
Transformer A A-25
Tubes H H-369
Ultra Isolation Transformer A A-24
UPS A A-25
Vertical Turning Lathe G G-323
Voltage Regulators A A-24
Voltage Sensors A A-37
Water Cooler A A-2
Water Treatment Chemicals A A-2
Water Treatment Plant A A-2
Web App Development A A-19
Website Designing A A-19
Welding Plates G G-323
wing nuts B B-55
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